Welcome to India’s Mythology!

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These and many other questions still baffle us today without any agreeable answers. Does life have any purpose, for instance?

The ‘wow factor’ of mythological stories stays with us forever . . . Children love it. Mythology gives wings to the child in all of us. And we fly!

India’s mythology is one of the oldest in the world. The Rig Veda, for instance, is estimated to have been already compiled, and in current use over thirty-five-hundred years ago. When were they created then? After the four Vedas came the two-hundred or so Upanishads, which still exist as the basis for India’s philosophy and ideals of life. Then there are the long epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, which are still popular material for reading, writing, singing, and performing. Those stories are very alive, as they mesmerize and influence the people in India even today. . .  and when it comes to literature, India has the most voluminous writings in human history.

India’s Mythology  gives the human race  hundreds and thousands of stories; introduces us to numerous characters, spanning a wide spectrum of personalities.

In India, people watch those characters in person, while performers enact those stories in a multitude of performing art formats. The characters, as though appearing from another world, wear spectacular costumes and makeup. The thrill of those experiences would stay  with the spectators for a long time.

Mythological stories teach us fabulous life-lessons. Our ancestors were story-tellers, poetry-reciters, painters, sculptors, and performers. Mesmerized by the mystery and beauty of life, they expressed their fears, wonder and gratitude  through whatever medium they could use. After the development of written script their words and images found permanent homes on stone slabs and palm leaves.

Those literary creations take us to places and happenings we can only imagine.

So come with me on a trek through waaaaay back in time!

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“Please don’t follow me, sweetheart, for it’s wild where I go. Thorny shrubs and stony paths are not for you, my princess. Dangerous creatures roam there, and barbaric Rakshasas prowl around. . .” he said.
“But I’ll walk ahead, and you come behind me,” she said. “When I am with you, the stones turn to flower petals under my feet. Who will hurt me when you are with me? Take me you must!” she said.

An action /adventure story from India’s mythology  – for the young, young-at-heart, and all those with lively, active imagination.